Away Bigger Carry-On: A quick review

Away The Bigger Carry-On A quick review

away bigger carry on review

I've never been one to spend a fortune on a suitcase.

Personally, I haven't found that spending more means you're getting a better suitcase. I guess you could say that I've found that most suitcases are created equally (luxury suitcases aside, I'm sure), which is to say that they're not all that ... well, great.

But when I started to hear/see all the buzz about the brand Away's suitcases, I was intrigued. So, I gave it a try.

I used the Away The Bigger Carry-On for a recent trip to New York City.

The bag has a slightly larger size, though it's still slim enough to fit in overhead compartments. At least it has fit in all the compartments of the planes I've tried it in so far.

For packing, the bag is organized into two sides, each with straps, zippers and/or dividers to ensure that, should you happen to forget your stash of liquid toiletries in your bag, you don't have to worry about spilling the entire contents of your bag onto the conveyor belt while everyone watches on.

I fit enough clothes for one week in the city, as well as my toiletries, makeup and three pairs of shoes in this case. While it was pretty much full with that, I added a few purchases for my return trip to make the bag sufficiently stuffed. And I'm happy to report that it held it all together very well. :)

The handle on my bag can be a tad finicky, but I like how this bag wheels easily (it's designed with four corner rolling wheels) and maneuvers well. Bonus points for the fact that it fits easily down the the airplane aisle for smooth boarding/deplaning. No bumping back and forth on the arm rests with this bag!

So, would I recommend this bag? YES. It's sleek and lightweight. It wheels well, is easy to organize and travels right alongside you, even when it's overpacked. And I like that the bigger size allows for me to squeeze in a few extra travel essentials without opting for a checked bag.

I'm interested to see how well it holds up over the longterm, but for now, I'm very pleased.