Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: 10 top picks

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019 top picks aleesha harris

If you're a big fan of Nordstrom, then you already know that the retailer's annual Anniversary Sale is here.

Early Access starts today through July 18, and the full meal deal launches in stores and online July 19 through August 4. The sales sees fall fashions, accessories and more marked down for a limited time before the prices return to full retail price on Aug. 5!

Offered an early glimpse at the sale, I pulled 10 of my top beauty and fashion finds. You know, to help narrow down the choices, a little bit. ;)

Happy shopping!
These boots are CHIC ... not to mention the perfect amount of retro. Prepare to want to wear them with everything. 
(After sale: $550) 
Speaking of retro ... can we please admire this cropped cord jacket for a moment? We've been seeing cord back in action for a few seasons, and I'm seriously glad to see it stay. It adds a touch of texture to any look.
(After sale: $85)
I'm a HUGE fan of Charlotte Tilbury's lipsticks. I've gone through three tubes of her Secret Salma shade in the past few years. No joke. So, to stock up on one of her lip-perfecting kits at a discount? Yes, please!
(Value: $121)

I'm a denim girl. While I usually lean toward Levi's, I'm always down to try a little something new. And these baby blues caught my eye, instantly! I like the deep hue and the comfortable cut. 
(After sale: $245)

What better way to kick off the fall season than with a fresh new fragrance? Do the very same, but with a whole new (mini) fragrance set! Talk about options! 

While this bag may not become your new go-to for day-to-day wear, I can pretty much guarantee it will be your best buddy when travelling. I carry my Le Pliage Tote on every vacation and am consistently pleased with how lightweight/durable/discreet/handy it is.
(After sale: $260)

Chic shades are a must for any season! While I'm a huge fan of the Ray Ban Aviator style, I'm interested in trying a new silhouette this year. And these ones look like a pretty good place to start! $141.90
(After sale: $273)

Smythe is one of my favourite Canadian brands. I used to buy at least one of their blazers every season ... that is, until reality set in and I realized I didn't have a Kate Middleton-style clothing budget. Needless to say, scoring one of their amazingly tailored pieces at a discount would be a dream come true! 
(After sale: $795)

Animal print? Check! Slip-on style? Check! Pointed toe? Check! This chic pair of mules has all the style markers met. Plus, they're very walkable thanks to the flat heel. Yippee!
(After sale: $114.95)

Last but definitely not least! Slip into my favourite pair of easy-on sneakers with a new (or just fresh if you're already a fan) pair of Vans Classics. Warning: they're addictively comfy. So, you may end up wit ha few colour-ways. 
(After sale: $74.95)