Secret Aluminum Free Deodorant: A quick review

Secret Aluminum Free Deodorant: A quick review

What it is: Catering to the growing demand for products that go “without”, this deodorant is free of aluminum, paraben and dyes.

Beauty bonus: The formula is pretty residue-free, leaving no marks (that we could see!) on clothes.

Beauty bummer: We love the idea of "bigger" brands getting on board with more "clean" beauty products. While we can appreciate a deodorant formula that goes without some of the icky additives, we found we needed a little more protection against damp underarms throughout the day than this formula could provide. We sweat through this deodorant. And the culprit, we think? Was the silicone.

Overall: While we liked the “without” list, we found the formula was still not the most amazing for our specific sweat situation. The product felt smooth on the underarm, but by mid-day, we needed to re apply — which we don’t need to do with our current natural deodorant on normal days.

Would recommend: For those who sweat lightly, probably. But for those who have more active seat gland, maybe not.
Price: $7.99
Where to buy: Mass retailers nationwide