MAC Art Library Collection: A quick review

MAC Art Library Collection: A quick review
What it is: A curated collection of three eye shadow palettes — Nude Model, Flame-Boyant and It's Designer — each featuring 12 shades selected by MAC pro artists.

Beauty bonus: The colour stories are well put together (except for a small gripe we have with the vibrant palette, It's Designer).

Beauty bummer: We get that these palettes are directed at a pro-picked colour story, but the vibrant pallet could use a neutral or two to balance it out.

Overall: These shadows are very pretty and for the price, they offer a good value for the money.

We did find the glitter shades needed a bit of MAC Fix + to get the foil-like coverage we were looking for, but otherwise, the colour payoff was good (think: nice and pigmented) and had good staying power.

Our favourite? Flame-Boyant kiss, which features gorgeous reds and browns that pop, while still being wearable.

Would recommend? Yes
Where to buy: MAC stores;
Price: $57