NARS Eye Shadow Collection: A quick review

NARS Eye Shadow Collection: A quick review

What it is: A comprehensive collection of 12 single and two dual shadow colour ways, with a range of finishes from matte to super shimmer

Beauty bonus: The shimmer shades can be dual-use — we found them to be edgy, fun highlighters as well. Lunar was a fab shade for this.

Beauty bummer: Not really a bummer but a good-to-know, our greasy lids led to creasing with no shadow primer.

Overall: These shadows come in an unexpected combination we appreciate.

We were a little bored of the warm reds dominating the palettes of late; so, the cool blues and greens were welcomed.

The shimmers are on the chunky side, giving a bit of a glitter feel (we liked that). When applied to the lid, they could be sheer or applied with a heavy hand for a more bold look.

Be aware however, the consistency of these shadows isn’t a cream type. We are not sure they would give the foil-like look creamier formulas would give. We were also living for the shade Galapagos for a cool, editorial wash on lids.

Would recommend? Yes.
Price: $23-26 singles $40 dual
Where to buy: The Bay, Sephora, Nordstrom