Artis Elite Fluenta 5-Brush Set: A quick review

Artis Elite Fluenta 5-Brush Set: A quick review

What it is: A makeup brush set from the luxury brand Artis.

Beauty bonus: The tightly packed synthetic brushes provide an unreal finish. So smooth!

Beauty bummer: The price point is quite high for makeup brushes.

Overall: Synthetic-bristle brushes are the only way to go for makeup, at least in our beauty books, anyway.

And, when it comes to brands, it doesn't get much more luxe than Artis.

This five-brush set is the perfect sampler for this brand's unique, handled brushes. While the angled head takes a bit of time to get used to, once you do, there's no turning back for applying products such as foundation and concealer. The finish these packed bristles provide is like nothing we've ever tried before.

While our absolute favourite Artis brushes are the larger-format styles that cover more surface for skin-smoothing product application, the medium-sized heads were a treat, too. We still find the teeny-tiny options for eyeshadow and liner a tad tricky, though.

Would recommend: The larger-format brushes, absolutely. The teeny-tiny ones, maybe not.

Price: $305 (CAD)
Where to buy: Holt Renfrew; select luxury retailers