Vacation stripes

Striped trousers summer outfit vacation surfer's paradise australia vancouver fashion blogger aleesha harris le chateau
There's something so fun about dressing for a vacation — and it's not just because you know you're about to be on holiday.

I find when I go away, especially to somewhere tropical and warm, that my style morphs into something much more ... interesting than it ever would be at home.

Case in point: these striped trousers.

Truth be told, I wouldn't typically wear striped pants on the day to day, but when I'm away (as I was here, in Surfer's Paradise in Australia), I'm ALL about stripes. They feel so much more exciting than a plain pair of pants, IMO.

But, after looking at this pic, I'm pretty sure it's time I start wearing stripes when I'm at home too. ;) 

Trousers: Le Chateau