Ombrelle Ultra Light Advanced Sunscreen for face and body: A quick review

July 31, 2017 Vancouver, BC, Canada

Ombrelle Ultra Light Advanced Sunscreen for face and body: A quick review

What it is: A collection of lightweight sunscreens that offer full-spectrum protection without the weight and stickiness of many sunscreen types.

Beauty bonus: The spray body lotion is surprisingly non-sticky for an all-over sunscreen.

Beauty bummer: The face lotion never really "set up" on our skin, rather, it felt like it just sat on top of our skin.

Overall: We know we're supposed to wear sunblock every day, and for the most part — we comply. That is, on our face. But our body? That's more reserved for long days on the beach or some other type of all-day outdoor activity.

We don't know about you, but the feel of sunscreen on our bodies is sticky and unpleasant. But this one was, thankfully, very light feeling.

When dispensed, it does need to be rubbed in, but once it's on, it is very light. Add in the fact it's formulated with Mexoryl, a potent UVA sun block that is dermatologist recommended, and it is even better.

The face lotion is a light liquid (a little goes a long way!) that works best on skin that's not too prone to oil. Why? Well, as stated above, it doesn't full absorb into the skin (remembering, of course, that it is a sunscreen, though), so it may feel a tad too weighty for some.

Would recommend? The spray? Absolutely. The face lotion? Probably not.
Price: From $21.99
Where to buy: Mass retailers;

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