Benefit They're Real! Double The Lip Lipstick Primer & Liner in One: A quick review

Benefit Double The Lip Lipstick Primer & Liner in One and Duo Eyeshadow Blender review

What it is: Two new additions to Benefit's popular They're Real! collection, the Double The Lip Lipstick Primer & Liner in One uses a two-tone lipstick to provide a subtle plumping effect, while the Duo Eyeshadow Blender provides the appeal of two-toned eyeshadow in one sweep.

Beauty bonus: We LOVE the shade combinations on offer in the Double the Lip line. Our favourite? Lusty Rose.

Beauty bummer: We didn't find the eyeshadows worked too well in terms of providing dual shadow shades.

Overall: This collection has long been a favourite of ours — the They're Real! mascara is not to be missed!

So, when we saw there were two new products in the line, we knew we would eventually be checking them out.

The Double the Lip sticks were a true treat, providing definition and a subtle plumping (not to mention, a variation on the oh-so popular ombre lip trend!) in one easy sweep.

While we wanted to love the eyeshadows (it's SUCH a cool idea!), especially given how good the hues are, we weren't blown away by their performance. The overall effect of the shadows when using the slightly bulbous applicator was a smokey effect that just didn't seem to stick.

Would recommend? The lipstick? Yes! But the shadow? Not so much.
Price: $26 (lipstick) and $31 (eyeshadow)
Where to buy: Sephora