Gucci Dionysus GG Supreme: A quick review (with video!)

What it is: One of the latest "It" bags to be released from Gucci.

The made-in-Italy creation features a medium-weight chain, a boxy shape and a hefty front closure featuring a tiger-head embellishment.

The Dionysus bag comes in three different sizes (as well as a new wallet-on-a-chain style) and several varieties of exteriors. The bag reviewed here is the GG Supreme Mini.

Dimensions: 7.5" wide x 6" high x 2" deep

Chain length: 15.5" or 9" drop when doubled

Pros: The design is super chic and very wearable. It adds a dose of style to virtually any outfit. Plus, if you're a true fashionphile, you'll be adding a little bit of Gucci history to your closet with this bag, as the Dionysus definitely signalled a turning point (or dare I say return?) for the historic fashion brand. 
Cons: The clasp can get a bit temperamental if the bag is overstuffed. Don't pack too much into these pretty purses because it will damage the clasp and affect the overall shape of the bag. (So. Not. Ideal!)

Gucci Dionysus review

Overall: This bag is a beauty.

Despite its "mini" moniker, I find it actually holds quite a bit (an iPhone 6, small wallet and a few makeup essentials comfortably).

While I love the GG coated canvas, I maybe would have purchased one of the solid colours or a printed option instead for a bit of a different look. But, then again, the coated canvas is an iconic exterior for Gucci, so it should remain relatively timeless.

As the interior of the bag is often suede, I would advise thinking carefully about the colour you choose. The beige suede that I purchased was not the best choice as it will undoubtedly show wear-and-tear quicker than a darker shade.

Overall, if you're looking for a chic designer bag that's boxy — and a bit reminiscent of the CHANEL 2.55 shape — but don't have a TON of cash to spend (not that these are cheap or anything ...), the Gucci Dionysus is for you.

Would recommend? Yes! I think this bag is going to be a classic for the brand. Just be sure to think wisely about the colour of the suede you get — or the exterior leather colour/type — for overall wear-and-tear in the long run.
Price: From $1,900
Where to buy: Gucci; select retailers