R+Co Texturizing Cactus Shampoo: A quick review

R+Co Texturizing Cactus Shampoo: A quick review

What it is: A sulfate, paraben, petrolatum and mineral oil-free (whew!) shampoo from a collective of hair care industry experts that work to bring products that are treatment-oriented and target hair and scalp health.

Diatomaceous earth is the magic ingredient in the texturizing formula to give grip to hair.

Beauty bonus: The scent is unique and subtle. It's not sweet or overpowering at all.

Beauty bummer: This shampoo doesn't mess around when it says to expect grit (you read that right). We followed the directions and skipped our conditioner. Post-use we felt like we had been out in the blowing, sandy desert with tangly, unmanageably stiff tresses.

Overall: This shampoo definitely delivers on texture, we're just not sure it works for our type of hair.

We tested it on fine hair and found that hair definitely felt texturized but also unmanageable and frizzy. We couldn't get a comb through wet hair,  so we to spritz on a leave-in conditioner, and it still didn't tame our tresses.

On the plus side, hair feels thicker and more voluminous due to the texture.

Bottom line: if you have a specific style in mind that needs a little bit of help staying, this shampoo can help you achieve it without massive amounts of hairspray or waiting days without washing.

Would recommend? Yes, for a very specific textured look. But for everyday? We'll stick to using with a conditioner.
Price: $24
Where to buy: Select Salons