IDC Skincare collection: A quick review

IDC Skincare collection: A quick review
What it is: An anti-aging line from the Canadian skincare brand IDC (stands for Integral Dermo Correction) that combines scientific research with the highest concentration of active ingredients to target the 16 causes of skin aging.

Beauty bonus: We loved the Regen Express Perfection cream. It didn't settle into fine lines and smoothed out skin tone almost immediately. We applied with our hands, pressing it into skin rather than spreading it, which made it not streak. Our only beef? The SPF is a paltry 15.

Beauty bummer: The SPF 50 facial Sun Protection Creme. We judged it on the Regen Express and found the Creme quite greasy in comparison.

Overall: In addition to being scientifically backed, this Canadian company's  (it hails from Quebec) products, are also paraben-free and not tested on animals.

We love it when things that work are kind when created!

As stated above, we loved the Regen Express Perfection Cream and we found the Cellélite product was an interesting test, as well. We applied it to our stomach, cheeks (yes, those cheeks) and legs and were pleasantly surprised to see skin texture (and appearance of cellulite) were improved.

Results are short-lived and we had to use a generous amount of product to see results, but they were there nonetheless! While it won't magically transform your body with just one use, it promises to improve the overall appearance of skin in the long term with regular use.

Would recommend? Select products, such as the Regen Express Perfection Cream and the Cellélite product, absolutely! This brand is definitely worth exploring.
Price: $29.50-$59.99
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