Annabelle Mascara collection: A quick review

Annabelle Mascara collection: A quick review

What it is: A collection of six new mascara formulations tailored to our most sought after lash wishes including Lash Blastoff, Lash Supernova, Outlash and more.

Beauty bonus: At about $10 each, these budget-friendly beauties make good lashes a staple that's affordable for every makeup bag.

Beauty bummer: We didn't find huge variation in each type of mascara, but rather a consistent delivery with each type of mascara, which is not really a bummer!

Overall: We're big on the brush applicators for mascara — they can make or break the product for us.

Too big? It's messy. Too small? It doesn't evenly distribute the product.We tested each of the brushes in this new Annabelle launch, and we have to say, we were impressed at the variety.

From stiff, silicone bristles to traditional brush type, there's one for everyone. So which one was our favourite? We loved the Big Show range, which added va-va-voom volume with a few sweeps of the wand.
Annabelle Mascara collection: A quick review
Would recommend? Yes. And at this price point, it's easy to collect 'em all.
Price: $9.99-10.99
Where to buy: London Drugs