Essie Gel Couture Polish: A quick review

Essie Gel Couture Polish: A quick review
What it is: The nail polish powerhouse has released a new long-wear polish with goals of giving you chip-free colour for up to two weeks. Wowza!

Beauty bonus: With over 40 new (yes,new) shades, the colour selection is comprehensive — to say the least.

Beauty bummer: Ok, real talk. We are apparently very rough on our hands because our polish lasted about four days. To be fair, we didn't apply the recommended touch-up top coat, but we were only a day off of those recommendations.

Overall: The redesign of the iconic Essie bottle was a bit of a shock for us. Why mess with a good thing? But it grew on us ... thanks in part to the performance of the long-wear polish inside.

We have to admit the new formula is pretty on point, despite our tough testing. We got multiple comments on how the nail colour looked salon-gel quality — without even soliciting for feedback.

The colours apply very evenly, thanks in part to the no-glob twist on the brush stem, giving us that perfect polish finish even with a quick application. When the polish chipped, it didn't crack and splinter (thanks to the new, flexible formulation), rather kind of peeled like an appliqué.

Would recommend? Yes, especially if you're looking for the look of a pro polish job without the trip to the salon. The finish and shine of these polishes are superb.
Price: $ 13.99 each
Where to buy: London Drugs