Bold is Beautiful

Benefit Canada Bold is Beautiful Project
Bold brows are a beautiful thing.

But bold brows that give back to a beautiful thing? Even better ...

All May long, Benefit is giving the full proceeds of the waxing services from its BrowBar locations to various charities that empower women.

Part of the brand's Bold is Beautiful Project, the initiative is back for its second year. To date, it has brought in millions – yes, millions! — of dollars for women.

I've shared my thoughts on Benefit BrowBars (their brow pros are the only ones I'll let touch my brows!), so I hope everyone in need of a brow touch up heads in this month to give back.

For their brow's sake ... and for the beneficiaries of the charities. :)

Happy Monday and thank you for stopping by.

(P.S.: I feel compelled to clarify this post was not sponsored by Benefit. I just really wanted to spread info and support for this project!)