Got colour?

Matrix Color Lounge app review Vancouver beauty blog Covet and Acquire

I'm not the most adventurous when it comes to hair colour.

While my locks have been a bevy of lengths and colours — including black, brown, red and blonde — I've never had the guts to try anything crazy like purple or blue.

Until now.

I recently test drove the Matrix Color Lounge app where I was able to try haute hues including purple, blue and even grey(!!) without even having to visit the salon.

The application, which is free to download in the iTunes app store, is easy to use and allows you to see what various colouring techniques and hues would look like on your hair.

I enlisted my sister (and Covet and Acquire beauty editor!) Kirsten to test the app with me, and we had fun snapping selfies and laughing over our hypothetical hair colours. (Grey was my personal fave! See below.)

My only complaint of this app? Some of the colouring techniques in the app — mainly painting — took a couple times to master.

But my favourite colour-testing technique? The colour-blocking option, which delivered bold contrast colour so I could better see what I would be getting myself ... and my hair, into.

Check out some of my fave looks below.

Snapping selfies — for the app, of course.
Concentrating a little too hard on the colour part.
Comparing (read: laughing uncontrollably about) our new looks. 
And the big reveal: 
My fave!