Golly, Ge(ox)

Geox Nebula running shoes
I know what you're thinking — Wow, Aleesha! Your legs have gotten so thin.

Ya ... that's not me. :P

But, to be honest, it's the shoes that are the star of this post. Meet the Nebula sneaker by Geox.

These shoes feature a lightweight and breathable sole and upper so that your feet stay cool, dry and totally non-stinky (no judgement!) no matter when or where you wear them. Word on the street is they're like wearing clouds on your feet. #believeit

But what I love most about these sneaks is how easy they are to style.

Case in point: the photos above and below shot by photographer Stefano Coletti. Whether paired with wide-leg trousers, leather leggings or cool-girl rolled jeans, these shoes are anything but boring.

Basically, they're a perfect alternative for those who are looking to step out in something other than the tried-and-true Nike Roshes or Stan Smiths.


Geox Nebula running shoes

Geox Nebula sneaker women's
I think I'm in love ... Don't be surprised if you see these beige beauties showing up in my feeds in the coming weeks! 
Geox Nebula sneaker women's
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