Fashion girl's guide to holiday gifting

I'm big on Christmas shopping. So much so that I'm usually have my gift list all wrapped up by November — no joke.

But no matter how far in advance I try to plan, I always seem to have one or two gifts left to the last minute ... and they're often for my fellow fashion-loving folks.

So with that in mind, I've put together a quick gift guide for fashion girls (and guys!). Most of these items are ones I already have — and would therefore readily endorse — but there are also a few things that are just straight-up on my X-mas wish list ... ehem, like the two Chloe bags.

So without further ado, here are my 10 top gift ideas for the fashion girl.


Chloe bags are the it carrying items of the street-style set, and I have to admit — I want into the club (who doesn't?). I prefer this mini Marcie or the Faye bag below to the overpopular Drew bag. Because while I like to have an 'It' bag, I don't want to have the 'Over It' bag. 


There are a lot of things to love about this dress: the mock turtleneck, the figure flattering ponte fabric, the midi length ... the list goes on. While I would suggest buying this for a gift, I would also highly recommend picking one up for yourself too. And it's made in Canada! #justsayin


These are so cute — and won't break the bank. Bag accessories are having a big moment right now, so they have the bonus of being very on trend. #winwin


From $220
If you're looking to gift an item that's sure to get a lot of wear, these boots would be it. The pointed toe and slight heel mean they're sure to fit into virtually any style situation. And, who doesn't love black boots? I mean, really. 


I'm big on beanies ... or toques. I think they can look effortlessly stylish when they fit well. (Yes, even hats need to fit well!) This beanie has a very forgiving shape for those of us with larger heads. No sausage hat here. Thankfully.


This bag looks so fresh and modern to me — even though it's a heavy riff off the bags of the 70s. But what's old is new again, right? 


$100 for 50ml
We've all fallen in love with the iconic Chloe perfume at one point or another. But I actually prefer this slightly rosier eau de toilette. It still has all the style of the original fragrance, with a touch of timeless glamour, courtesy of the romantic bloom. 


Ok, full disclosure: This Bench coat wasn't really my first pick. This one was. But I couldn't find a good image of it, so I went with the above pictured one instead. I love a good parka-type coat, and factor in quality faux fur accents and I'm basically in love. So will your fashion fan — I guarantee it. 


From $150
I couldn't find these shoes online because they're pretty new. But in any case, a style like these can be oh-so versatile. They really are a work-to-weekend shoe. And who's not in need of one of those?


Last but definitely not least is this simple black turtleneck. I have like five of these, I kid you not. (See me wearing one here!) They fit well, are easy to wash and they don't fade. I mean, there's not really anything else I could ask for. Well, other than an affordable price, which these have too.

Happy holidays and even happier shopping!