Lipidol skin care: A quick review

Lipidol skin care: A quick review
What it is: A collection of oil-based skin care products from the makers of Bio-oil, that help maintain the lipid (read: moisture) layer of skin, leaving the naturally occurring enzymes to work their radiant magic.

Each oil is formulated with anti inflammatory and antioxidant ingredients to optimize the healthy benefits of the oil.

Beauty bonus: All three of the oils we tried (Lipidol Cleansing Face Oil, Lipidol Overnight Face Oil and Lipidol Cleansing Body Oil) left skin feeling supple and moisturized.

Beauty bummer: Our least favourite of the trio was the body oil, which provided a lovely lather, but also had a slightly clinical lime essential oil fragrance.

Overall: We thought cleansing with oil would be a little weird, which it was, but it also was pretty interesting.

Our favourite product from the trio we tested was the facial cleanser. It is quite oily when first applied to dry skin, but after adding a bit of water, it gently lathers and rinses away dirt and impurities to leave skin free of makeup, feeling fresh and without the tight feeling some soaps can leave.

We loved the fact that it was a double-duty product, makeup remover and facial cleanser in one — Hello, multi-use bonus!

Would recommend? The facial products — yes. But as for the body cleansing oil — the scent was enough to have us taking a pass.
Price: $8.97 each
Where to buy: Exclusively at Walmart
—Review by Covet and Acquire beauty editor Kirsten

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