Pai Copaiba Deep Cleanse AHA Mask: A quick review

Pai Copaiba Deep Cleanse AHA Mask: A quick review

What it is: Made in the United Kingdom, this new detoxifying face mask from Pai is formulated with innovative fruit acids to rebalance, clarify and purify skin. All this, while being a vegan-friendly and animal-testing free product. 

Beauty bonus: Copaiba, an Amazonian wonder plant, works to prevent the appearance of breakouts while omega acids help to kick start the healing process of existing blemishes.  

Beauty bummer: The mask smells very earthy, which might be a turn off for beauty fans who look for a more fresh scent. 

Overall: Ok, we'll admit it, masks are under utilized in our beauty regimen -- a million and one excuses are employed as to why we skip this tool. 

But this mask shows us what we've been missing out on! 

Pores looked more refined and, wow, was our skin soft post use.

Skin did not feel overly tight or uncomfortable when worn, unlike some masks do, and skin was left feeling balanced and looking radiant. 

Would I recommend? Yes, the skin-benefiting properties of this mask are on par with the price -- and more.  
Price: $64

Where to buy: 

—Review by Covet and Acquire Beauty Editor Kirsten Harris