Vancouver beauty blog #VichyWorksForMe product review Canada

I'm a huge advocate for proper skincare.

Whenever I hear about people who "forget" to wash their makeup off at night or are "too tired" to cleanse and moisturize in the morning, I just think ... HUH?

I always (always!) carve out time for washing and moisturizing my face — morning and night.

Maybe it's because I struggled with acne growing up (and still do, unfortunately), or perhaps it's thanks to my mom, who happens to have the smoothest skin I've ever seen — but I make my skincare a top priority.

So it should come as no surprise that when I got the opportunity to have Vichy products hand-picked by a team of skincare professionals for me based on my skin type and struggles — I said yes, yes, yes!

Take a look at my fave products from my #VichyWorksForMe selection.

#VichyWorksForMe product review Canada Normaderm cleansing gel

What it is: A gel cleanser for combination to oily skin that works to remove impurities and excess sebum (the stuff that causes acne!) while reducing shine and cleansing pores. 

Overall: This cleanser smells amazing. I would give it five stars just based on the scent. But it also works great, too. I love the rich lather that only a small amount of gel produces. 

Skin is left feeling smooth and clean — without being squeaky and over-dry. 

#VichyWorksForMe product review Canada Normaderm pore tightening lotion

What it is: A daily toner for both men and women that works to re-balance skin's PH while also tightening pores and reducing sebum production. 

Overall: I have a love-hate relationship with toners. I love the way they make my skin feel super clean, but I hate having just one more step in my skincare routine. 

But in the name of product testing, I forced myself to integrate this elixir into my daily routine, and I have to say, I'm glad that I did. It left my skin feeling cool and extra clean — perfect for the long hot days of summer ... and sunscreen. 

#VichyWorksForMe product review Canada Idealia Life Serum

What it is: A moisturizing skin serum that promises to transform skin, revealing a brighter complexion, more even skintone and refined pores. Safe for all skin types and ages.

Overall: This serum is the perfect product for someone who needs a little bit more moisture than most serums can provide, but doesn't necessarily want to layer with a moisturizer for fear of going too thick on the creams. (Hello, breakouts!) 

I found this serum left my skin hydrated and happy, but never greasy. I found it worked well both day and night, but preferred to use it in the morning under makeup. 

#VichyWorksForMe product review Canada Normaderm Daily Anti-Acne lotion

What it is: A lotion for acne-prone skin that is oily to combination. This daily moisturizer's oil-free formula combats six signs of acne including blemishes, enlarged pores, shine, uneven complexion, scars and redness.

Overall: This was by-far my favourite product! If you battle acne in concentrated areas but don't want to slather your face in zit cream, then this is for you.

I put this cream through its paces on pre-period hormonal acne and was blown away by the overnight results. (I kid you not!)

My skin felt hydrated and happy in the morning, and my blemishes were noticeably diminished. #score

Some salicylic acid treatments can sting or burn when applied and leave your skin feeling a bit crispy, but this lotion is not one of those. In fact, it's quite the opposite. The pillow-y lotion left my skin feeling smooth and light — even when layered with a serum for extra moisture.

This lotion delivered on all it's promises.

Want to learn more about my favourite Vichy products or about the #VichyWorksForMe campaign?

Visit vichyworksforme.ca to check out new products, expert skincare advice, receive a skin diagnostic of your own — and more.

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