Dr. Scholl's For Her insoles: A quick review

Dr. Scholl's For Her insoles review

What it is: A line of shoe insoles specifically designed to add comfort and support to women's footwear. 
Beauty bonus: Just about every woman has wished for a reprieve from the cramp and soreness of killer heels — and this range of tootsie savers ensures there is a style for virtually every type of shoe. 

Beauty bummer: At more than $10 per pair, it would cost a pretty penny to outfit a serious shoe-aholic's entire collection with inserts.   

Overall: As a high-heel lover I'm no stranger to shoe torture (umm, long Las Vegas nights, anyone!?).

But thanks to this comprehensive range of shoes inserts (there are styles for strappy sandals to knee-buckling boots to simple pumps — and more), I don't have to stuff toilet paper in the soles of my heels for added comfort anymore. (True story!) 

My feet's favourites? The Comfort Insoles and the High Heel insoles, which are both clear, gel-like inserts that work to absorb the concussion to the ball of the foot, without crowding toes.  

Truth be told, they're absolute life (er, feet) savers. 

Would I recommend: Yes! These inserts are the difference between dancing all night and, well ... calling it a night. 

Price: $11.49 to $17.49  
Where to buy: Mass retailers
—Review conducted by C&A beauty editor Kirsten Harris