Benefit Majorette Booster Blush: A quick review

Benefit Majorette Booster Blush review

What it is: A cream-to-powder "booster" blush that amps up your natural flush.

Beauty bonus: The innovative cream-to-powder formula leaves cheeks feeling soft, but skips the tacky, greasy feeling some cream blushes leave behind. Score one for the team, Benefit!

Beauty bummer: This is a touch down! There are no glaring beauty bummers with this blush.

Overall: This blusher can be applied to bare cheeks for an all-day stay or as a last-minute refresh. 

The packaging is something from our youths (Polly Pocket anyone?!), which we love. 

And the color itself is subtle, smooth and surprisingly matte — which makes it great for the fall transition ahead and a more understated, less shiny summer feel.

Would I recommend: Yes

Price: Approximately $36

Available: Sephora, Shoppers Drugmart