Matrix Biolage ScalpSync collection: A quick review

Matrix Biolage ScalpSync collection: A quick review

What is it: A new collection of hair products including a Cooling Mint shampoo, Anti-Dandruff shampoo, Scalp conditioner and Soothing Serum specifically formulated with naturally fungus-fight mint to remove excess scalp debris.

Beauty bonus: The scent of this line is ah-mazing! I especially loved the tingly shampoo, which left my hair feeling clean — but not stripped bare.

Beauty bummer: For those of us battling heftier scalp issues than just a few flakes, this collection might not be strong enough.

Overall: The long, sun-soaked days of summer sometimes call for more frequent hair washing what with extra sweat, sand, ocean water and ... well, you get the picture. 

While I found this collection left my hair feeling clean and fresh, it didn't work wonders on my pesky dandruff problem. Sadly, I think my troubled tresses need a stronger dose of anti-fungal protection. 

I loved the Soothing Serum, which is supposed to enrich the scalp with vitamin B5 and says it's suitable for all hair types. I found it was super easy to apply — you only need a few pumps in damp hair — and left my hair feeling sleek, happy and sans a heavy, slick feeling often found with serums.  
Would I recommend: Yes — if you're dealing with mild to moderate scalp woes.
Available: $17.95-$19.95
Price: $26