Too Faced Return of Sexy eyeshadow palette: A quick review

Too Faced Return of Sexy eyeshadow palette: A quick review

What it is: A 15-shade eyeshadow palette from Too Faced cosmetics celebrating classically sexy smokey-eyed looks. With a range of shades of purples, greys and browns, this versatile palette is sure to take you from day to night — offering timeless options for both. 

Included in the packaging is an eyeliner and a deluxe sized primer.

Beauty Bonus: This product has beautiful shades that set it apart from other neutral palettes. Although this is not an all-neutral palette, many of the colors are surprisingly basic  shades.  

Beauty Bummer: These shades are very shimmery, some even bordering on extra sparkly. If glittery eye shadow isn't your thing then you might want to steer clear. A few matte shades would have been a welcome addition for some extra variety. 

Overall: This palette is a basic, pretty palette to add to the shadow arsenal. Don't skip the shadow primer with these shades as they are quite sheer. Even with a foundation base, we found the colour was more of a wash then a vibrant saturated shade. 

The smudger on the eyeliner is a cool, rubbery textured wedge that is amazing for creating the soft lines essential to the smokey eye.  

Would I recommend: For a one-and-only palette, then no, but for an indulgence, you bet!  

Price: $54  
Available at: Sephora