Masque Bar by Look Beauty facial masks: A quick review

Masque Bary by Look Beauty facial masks Vancouver review

What it is: A range of masks with high quality ingredients to help aid in the reduction of every day skin issues. Whether your dealing with wrinkle reduction, dull looking skin, dilated pores or blemishes, Masque Bar has the treatment. 

Beauty bonus: We tested both the brightening and pore refining masques. The ultra concentration of serums and vitamins gave our skin a nice — and noticeable mid-winter boost. 

Beauty bummer: If a quick skin fix is your goal, these masks need 30 minutes of your time to work their magic. 

Overall: This product definitely delivers a good hit of moisture for thirsty skin. The cream application of the pore refining mask felt luxurious on skin, although we kept waiting for it to dry like a clay mask, which it never did. 

While we saw wonderfully moisturized skin post-mask, pores were a similar size leading us to think continued use is a must to reap the full benefits. 

Would I recommend? Yes 
Available at: Shoppers Drug Mart 
Price: $9.99 for 3 at Shopper's Drug Mart