Céline Phantom: A quick handbag review

Céline Phantom review

Let's face it, Celine bags don't come cheap. Get all the details of the iconic Phantom style before you by it, to ... you know, make sure it's the right one for you.

Brand: Céline 
Style:  Phantom
Dimensions: 11"L x 13"W x 14" H
Colour: Green
Made in: 
Material: Calfskin
Interior material: Suede
New Price: $3,100 (US) 

Céline Phantom review

Céline Phantom review
 Pros: This bag has all the space you could ever need. It has one cavernous compartment with a small, zipped pocket on the back wall of the bag, which is a bonus for those of us who want a little more security for our personal items, but still like them all in one place. 

The Phantom also comes with the option of some very unconventional side closures that completely transform the bag's aesthetic when used. Who doesn't love a two-for-one tote? 

Cons: Anticipate having some seriously sore arms after carrying this tote because this bags's thick, luxurious leather makes it heavy -- even when it's empty! But let's be honest, this kind of "pain" isn't really very hard to endure.  
Also, the bag loses shape when heavy objects are inside, so I recommend a stiff, yet discreet liner be placed in the bottom.
And to avoid that telltale Céline slouch you've probably seen happening to many bloggers' Mini Luggage bags can be lessened -- if not completely avoided -- with proper stuffing and storage when not in use. Treat a Céline bag like garbage and it's going to look like garbage pretty quick. 

Céline Phantom review

Céline Phantom review
Overall: This bag is a must for any fashion fan. Its now-iconic shape makes it stand out to those who are in the know, yet also garners admiring glances form the less-than-fashion-forward set. 
The versatility of this bag -- and the variation of colours and textures that appear each season -- continue to make the Céline Phantom a covetable piece. 

Would recommend: Absolutely! 

But we love the Céline Mini Luggage and Nano, too. See a review of those two bags here. 


eve said…
could you please do a post about the felt liner you insert in your bags?
Aleesha said…
Hi Eve,
Absolutely! Look for a post about this in the coming weeks.

Thanks for reading!

Unknown said…
Love celine. Quite pricy but a great one to save up for. Thanks for sharing this review!
Becky @ Cella Jane
Jackie said…
First of all, beautiful bag. Gorgeous! And I would take a little bit of arm pain any day...what we sacrifice for fashion!lol! I'm curious what kind of liner do you use?
How anyone could treat a Celine bag like garbage, is beyond me. They need a good slap to the head :)

xo, Jackie
your bag collection is what dreams are made of. beyond!