Style spotlight: Warby Parker’s winter collection preview

Warby Parker eyeglasses Winter 2014 collection

Not all eyeglasses are created equal – and if you take a look at American brand Warby Parker’s wares, you’ll see what I mean.

If I’m being 100-percent honest, up until this year, I didn’t give most glasses a second glance because I (thankfully!) didn’t need them. But this year, that all went out the window.
Despite my frequent carrot-inclusive meals (wait, carrot cake doesn’t count?), I was prescribed lenses for computer work this summer – thus prompting me to begin a manhunt for the most fabulous frames ever created.  
And that’s how I spotted Warby Parker
Warby Parker eyeglasses Winter 2014 collection preview

I’ve been eyeballing this brand for a while now and was super excited when I heard about their new winter collection. The range of six new rustic-meets-modern designs (my fave is the Chamberlain, a bold, somewhat boxy design that looks like it means serious business) are available in five colours and are priced at $95, including prescription lenses.
But the brand is more than just Main Street-worthy frames. What makes these super-cool specs even more attractive is their charitable giveback component. For ever pair of lenses sold, the company donates a pair or the cash equivalent to cover the cost of glasses for those in need of spectacles around the world via international groups such as VisionSpring. This past summer they reached 500,000 pairs of glasses distributed to those in need.  
Now that’s seeing clearly.  
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