Nyx Collection Noir Satin Finish Black Liner: A quick review

Nyx Collection Noir Satin Finish Black Liner review

What is it: A collection of black pencil and liquid liners with various finishes from glossy to matte, velvet to satin. This collection claims to fill all your little black liner needs. 

Beauty bonus: These liners go on quite opaque with a few passes and stay black all day.

Beauty bummer: As mentioned above, a few passes of the pencil were needed to get the ultra black look I demand from my liners.

Overall: This product is average in application being a bit too hard in pencil consistency. Delicate eye skin shouldn't be manhandled by your liners!  The finish was nice (we tested satin-finish) and removal was quick with soap and water. 

Would die-hard liquid lovers cheat? Sorry NYX, not with this one. 

Would I recommend: Probably not
 Price: $7.99

Where to buy: London Drugs

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Jackie said…
I've never tried this line...always been a bit curious about it. But now you've answered my question. Thanks for sharing!

xo, Jackie