Season of shopping: Danier gift guide + My top holiday picks

November 17, 2013

Danier Gift Guide + My top holiday picks

I like to get my holiday shopping done early ... Like, January early. 
If I could have all my gifts picked out for the next year on the first of the new year, I totally would. 
It's not that I get stressed out by shopping for my friends and family (not at all, actually), but rather that I  hate the last-minute Christmas gift scramble that inevitably happens when I (a.) procrastinate, (b.) feel overwhelmed by the holiday crowds and thus avoid the mall completely or (c.) all of the above.
That's why I love it when stores like Danier release handy dandy gift guides like this one. 
They make shopping as easy as A to Z with amazing gift ideas for the ladies on anyone's list (ahem, myself included!). 
Take a look at my four top picks above, as well as the full list below. 

Danier Gift Guide + My top holiday picks

Hello Yvonne said...

Love the list! Especially love that coat and the price. I've also always wanted to try a piece similar to the faux fur and I might. I like you like to get my shopping done early too but somehow it's usually the opposite :)

Aleesha said...

Thanks, Yvonne! That jacket IS amazing. I hope I can get my hands on one. :P

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