Lucky FABB 2013: Five things I learned about the annual fashion and beauty bloggers conference in NYC

Lucky FABB 2013 Pantene P&G photo booth Covet and Acquire
Having fun in the Pantene photo booth

A substantial Visa bill, huge pile of dry cleaning, epic jet lag and a ton of great memories can only mean one thing ... I've just come back from New York City. 

My quick trip last week for the 2013 Lucky Fashion and Beauty Bloggers conference was a whirlwind of outfit photos, celebrity sightings and swag bags. The experience was one I won't soon forget -- especially when it comes to the countless tips of the trade my fellow attendees and I gleaned from street style stars such as Bryan Boy, Saucy Glossie and more.

Sure I filled my Christian Lacroix notebook with tidbits about branding, building a website and affiliate marketing, but what I'd really like to share are a few tips for future attendees. 

Take a look at the 5 biggest lessons I learned at Lucky FABB that I wish I had known beforehand. 

 Lesson #1: Business cards are an absolute must 

Lucky FABB 2013, Covet and Acquire
 With more than 300 bloggers and a handful of brands in attendance, it's imperative that you have your own business cards clearly showcasing your blog name, URL and social media usernames. 

Lesson #2: Go all access or stay home 

Lucky FABB 2013, Covet and Acquire
Having an all-access pass may not have seemed like a necessity for some bloggers (especially those who hailed from New York state), but if I had a dollar for every time I heard someone gripe about how they should have bought the top-tier pass ... let's just say I wouldn't be complaining about my Visa bill. 
The all-access gets you into the gifting suite (where you can meet designer and PR contacts) as well as priority seating in front of the stage. 

Lesson #3: Visit the brand tables sooner rather than later 

Lucky FABB 2013 Charming Charlie
Besides the obvious (think: the early bird gets the worm), the best way to get a one-on-one conversation with the brand representatives and designers in the brand experience room is to go early -- or really late -- to avoid the rush of fashionistas who are eager to get their hands on some free swag. 

Lesson #4: Put yourself out there

Lucky FABB 2013
 This year's Lucky FABB brought some pretty big names to the stage for the breakout sessions during day 2. Man Repeller, photographer Adam Katz and (my personal favourite) Purse Blog founder Megs Mahoney Dusil were all in attendance and were willing to chat with many bloggers who approached them individually.  
If you put yourself out there and ask for advice from those who were once in your shoes, I guarantee you'll walk away with (at worst) some valuable insights, and (at best) a business card! 

Lesson #5: Be prepared to learn -- and lift

Lucky FABB 2013 Kate Bosworth
(Above) Kate Bosworth and Lucky Magazine Editor in Chief Eva Chen chat onstage during day one of the 2013 Lucky FABB. Chen and actress Eva Mendes are pictured below.
Lucky FABB 2013  Eva Mendes
Sure it's super cool to see starlets such as Eva Mendes and Kate Bosworth in real life, but the real value of this conference is garnered during day 2. 
Bring a notebook or tablet to take notes about photography, search engine optimization, social media and more. I couldn't believe how many tips I picked up during the SEO Checklist seminar alone. 
And now for the heavy lifting ... the amount of swag you receive during the last day has to be seen in order to be believed. From handbags to beauty products to jewelry, you'll leave with more than a trunk-full of goodies ... so bring an extra tote bag (or a suitcase!) to carry all the loot home with you.