Travel tips: Must-have items for a perfectly stocked carry-on bag

September 18, 2013

The perfect carry-on bag: Longchamp Planete Tote

It may have taken me years of unorganized travel to do it -- but I think I've finally put together the perfectly stocked carry-on bag. 
I've been on countless trips where I've spent way too much money on magazines, chargers, neck pillows and other assorted travel necessities at the airport, which always leaves me a little angry because I almost always have these items sitting at home. 
Take a look at a few of my must-have items:

Leopard iPhone case

Electronics: For those times when the in-flight "entertainment" just won't cut it.

The perfect carry-on bag: Longchamp Planete Tote
Beauty booty: Hand sanitizer, pain reliever, lip balm, a hair tie, bobby pins and a moisture replenishing face mist pretty well cover the beauty basics.

The perfect carry-on bag: Longchamp Planete Tote
 Sleepy time: Though I rarely get more than an hour's worth of sleep on long-haul flights, I still always pack a pair of cozy socks, eye mask and neck pillow. Here's to hoping my preparation will one be repaid with a long snooze.

The perfect carry-on bag: Longchamp Planete Tote
Reading material: At least one magazine, an interesting novel and travel guide book where applicable. 

Not pictured: My makeup bag (which I often refuse to pack in my checked bag) and a pouch of electronic accessories (USB cables, chargers, etc.). These will also be crammed into my Longchamp Le Planete tote.

What are your must-have items in your carry-on bag?

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