Minx Nail stickers: A quick review

Minx nail stickers

What it is: A patented flexible film that shrink-wraps to natural, gel, and acrylic nails using a heat source such as a hair dryer. 

Beauty bonus:  Minx Nails, a favourite brand of celebs such as Beyonce and Katy Perry,  offers many intricate nail designs that are easily applied to fingernails skipping the need for a Bachelors of Art degree in order to get it right. Application is a bit tricky at first but once a few films are applied, it's a cinch. Removal is a breeze as well leaving your nails smooth undamaged. 

Beauty bummer: While the application of the nail art was a  breeze, navigating the company's  website to find retailers and more styles was a bit confusing. Trivial, but acomplaint nonetheless. 

Overall: This product provides intricate nail detail in a snap. Pay close attention to how you file the ends of the films when applying as this step is very important to the final look of your nails and the longevity of the product. I tried a dark color with a busy pattern and my application mistakes were very noticeable at the nail ends. Also, the blow dryer is key to setting the films so be sure not to skip the heat! 

Would I recommend? Yes

Available: Secret Location in Vancouver

Price: Approximately $20 for a single set.