Louis Vuitton Montorgueil GM: A quick review

September 5, 2013

Louis Vuitton Montorgueil GM: A quick review

Louis Vuitton bags are still classics, and this one is no exception.

Louis Vuitton Montorgueil GM: A quick review

Louis Vuitton Montorgueil GM: A quick review

Brand: Louis Vuitton
Style: Montorgueil GM (Now discontinued)
Dimensions: 9.44″H x  16.5″W x 7″D
Approximate shoulder strap length: 8"

Price: No longer available
Colour: Monogram canvas

Pros: As with all Louis Vuitton canvas bags, the Monty is lightweight when both empty and full. 

Cons: This bag doesn't wear as well as other canvas Louis Vuitton bags. The shoulder drop is a tad short and the rounded shape (and placement of the straps on said shape) tends to accentuate the bagging and sagging often experienced with this material when overpacked or carrying something heavy. 

Overall: I honestly can't say I'm too surprised this design was discontinued in 2011. While it's stunning at first glance, it lacks a few refined qualities that would have made it a timeless, wear everywhere design. 
  While the cavernous interior and single inside pocket -- which are similar to many of the brand's other canvas designs -- make it fall into the carry-all category,  its awkward shoulder strap and "wide-bodied" design are this bag's major downfalls. I found it looked like a "workhorse" bag, but carried like a "special occasion" bag.
   To be fair, I did notice a vast improvement after putting layers of dense tissue paper at the bottom of the bag in order to create a structured base. This did solve some of the saggy issues.

Would recommend? NO.
Though you may be able to find this bag second-hand for less than retail price, there are many other canvas Louis Vuitton bags such as the classic Speedy, the Neverfull or Delightful Monogram, that I would recommend saving your pennies for.

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