Prada BL0851 Mini Crossbody: A quick review

Prada BL0851

This little bag is a personal favourite of mine. Find out why ...

Brand: Prada
Style: BL0851  
Dimensions: 5″H x  7.5″W x 3.25″D 

Strap length: 24.5"

Price: $795 USD
Colour: Nero (black)
Made in: Italy
Material: Saffiano leather  
Interior material: Prada-embossed nylon
Prada BL0851

Pros: A great mini crossbody bag that is tiny and compact -- but still manages to be reasonably practical Also has metal feet on the bottom, which is atypical of crossbody handbags.

Cons: The bag has a large gold zipper that looks great -- but tends to get caught around the sharp top corners during zipping and unzipping.  

Prada BL0851
Overall: This mini Prada is unbelievably adorable. While it's best used for light errands or as an evening bag, I found it roomy enough to use during a recent weekend getaway, finding it could comfortably fit my iPhone, digital camera, lipstick, card case and a map of the city. The bag's shape is similar to the Louis Vuitton BB Alma but is a few inches smaller -- and therefore holds less. One thing it holds above the Alma (other than the price) is the bold gold hardware, which serves to dress up this baby bag. 
Finally, if this bag's fun-yet-functional size didn't have you at 'Hello,' the fact that big-time bloggers including Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad and Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific have been spotted with this pint-sized Prada might just do the trick. 

Would recommend? YES