Chanel French Riviera A66801 handbag: A quick review

Chanel French Riviera A66801 handbag review

There's no place like Chanel.

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Chanel French Riviera A66801 handbag review

Chanel French Riviera A66801 handbag review
Chanel French Riviera A66801 handbag review

Brand: Chanel
Style: French Riviera flap (A66801)  
Dimensions: 7.1/4″H x  11.5/8″W x 2. 5″D 

Chain length: 16.5"

Colour: Ivory (seasonal release - 12 Cruise collection)
Made in: France
Material: Caviar leather  
Interior material: Twill

Pros: Boasting the earmarks of iconic Chanel pieces such as the interlocking CCs and a leather-woven chain strap -- this style is instantly recognizable as a Chanel flap, minus the classic collection price tag.

Chanel French Riviera A66801 handbag review

Cons: This beautiful bag may resemble a Chanel classic flap bag -- but don't be fooled -- it's not. From the smooth leather-wrapped edges to the shorter-than-average chain, this bag lacks the fine details of the classic bags. But then again, it's nearly half the price of the Medium/Large and a lot less than the covetable Jumbo. (Hmm ... sounds like the pro is also the con.)

Overall: While the French Riviera flap bag is yet another example of  the style and craftsmanship of Chanel handbags, its design similarities to the Classic flap line are a little too close for comfort. The French Riviera's design has a few qualities that make it stand out from the timeless collection, but it's these very same attributes that make it look like a less refined version of its classic cousins rather than a style all its own. 

Would recommend? NO. If you're a first-time Chanel buyer, save your money for a classic flap -- After all, the French Riviera is pricier than the must-have classic minis