One scarf, four ways (Plus, Plenty Summer Sale details)

Monk & Lou circle scarf
 When the Plenty people approached me to be one of the local bloggers taking part in a project for their summer sale - I was super excited!

I'm all about supporting local brands and stores, especially when they are as amazing as Plenty! (Can you tell it didn't take too much convincing to get involved?)

The Plenty Summer Sale runs June 19-30 at all store locations and will feature spring and summer pieces (Savita pants, I've got my eye on you!) - including this Monk & Lou jersey tube scarf.

Think it's just a wear-one-way piece? Think again! Take a look at these four ways to style this one versatile piece.
Monk & Lou jersey scarf
Circle Up: 
Double wrap your scarf, fluff it up and go! 
Monk & Lou jersey tube scarf
 All Wrapped Up: 
Place the scarf around your neck. Then, create a criss-cross in front and step through the bottom loop. Pull the fabric behind your back (the scarf will now make an X in front). Pull the top portions over your shoulders and midsection and smooth the fabric in front to the desired length and look.
Monk & Lou jersey tube scarf
 Hot Halter:
Place the scarf around your neck. Cross each side in front of your body in the opposite direction. Grab a skinny belt and place it around your waist. Pull the top of your scarf out so it covers the belt. Smooth the bottom so it's straight. 
Monk & Lou jersey tube scarf
 Cool Coverup:
Open the scarf and step in the middle. Smooth the fabric around your body. Grab two sections (about 1/4 of the way from each corner) and knot them together in the front. 

 Shopping bonus: Plenty is giving away a $500 shopping spree to a lucky customer who shops their sale between June 19-30!


Corinne said…
This is so awesome, I can barely stand it... on my way to Plenty...
Aleesha said…
Thank you, Corinne!