Maybelline Color Whisper: A quick review

Maybelline Color Whisper
Maybelline Color Whisper
What it is: A gel-based lipstick available in an array of colours.
Beauty bonus:  This lightweight lipstick nixes the annoying cakey and flakey feeling of wax-based lipsticks in favour of a balm-like smoothness.
Beauty bummer:  If you are looking for super-saturated colour that will last all day – this slick stick isn’t for you.   
Overall: If you haven’t yet tried these new lip colours I have one question for you: What are you waiting for? Few lip colours get me as excited as Color Whispers do. Be it the affordable price, selection of shades big enough to make a rainbow jealous, or the smooth and subtle shine produced by a few quick sweeps of the stick, these lipsticks have quickly become my beauty BFF. 
 And before I’m accused of tooting the Maybelline horn too loud, I will issue one complaint to my glowing review. The lightweight formula glides on easily but doesn’t last – transferring to everything from food to drinking cups. 
Would recommend? YES!
Price: Approx. $6 CAD  
Available at: Beauty drugstores everywhere