Loeffler Randall Rider satchel: A quick review

Black saffiano leather Loeffler Randall Rider satchel

Meet the perfect bag for those who love structure.

Brand: Loeffler Randall
Style: Rider 
Dimensions: 11 1/2″H x 9″W x 3″D 
Price: $495 USD
Colour: Black
Made in: China
Material: Saffiano leather
Interior material: Cloth
Purchased: March 2013
Black saffiano leather Loeffler Randall Rider satchel

Black saffiano leather Loeffler Randall Rider satchel
Pros:  I started seeing this bag popping up on blogs and in editorials earlier this year and was intrigued. Despite the fact that it's made in China and could undoubtedly be classified as a 'hipster handbag' because of its bike-friendly back strap -- I knew I would eventually own it. (It was THIS image that ultimately sold me on it - so chic!)
 When I received the bag I was pleased with its appearance and overall quality. The edges are finished, the leather is strong and despite what some reviews have stated -- the hardware was in perfect working condition. 
The inside is extremely spacious and the compartments make it easy to organize. Personally I took the shoulder strap off as soon as I got the bag out of the box because I love how it looks as a clutch/in-hand bag, but it's nice to know that in a bind it could be used hands-free.

Cons: Do I think this bag is strong enough for relentless everyday schlepping? Probably not. After only a few uses I noticed one of the lower corners beginning to buckle and flare out from being in an upright position. Also, it has no protective feet, which is a bit of a downer. Despite this structural setback, I think the design of this bag and material (saffiano leather only) make it a classic piece to have in any collection. 

Would recommend? YES
Black saffiano leather Loeffler Randall Rider satchel

And though I already have one in black, I'm a little obsessed with this new black and white colour combo
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