Estée Lauder Ideal Light Brush-on Illuminator: A quick review

Estee Lauder Ideal Light Brush-On Illuminator 

What it is: A highlighting cream for face packaged in a convenient and portable brush-topped tube. 

Beauty bonus:  Long-lasting brightness that doesn't rub off. 

Beauty bummer: While the click-to-brush scheme is convenient, I found one twist failed to produce enough product while two twists released too much. 

Overall: I tested the colour 07 Soft Pink, which is marketed as the 'ideal colour for all skin tones.'  Perfect for correcting skin colour unevenness, concealing dark spots and highlighting areas such as the inner eyes, lips and cheeks, this illuminator is a quality replacement for other hyped, more pricey designer brands. 

I found it really easy to apply (excepting the beauty bummer listed above) and it blended flawlessly. 

Would recommend? YES!

Price: $30 CAD
Available at: The Bay, Sears, Nordstrom