Furla Diamante Tote: A quick review

Orange Furla Diamante Tote

Put a little orange in your life with this carryall tote from Furla. 
Dimensions: 14″H x 9 1/2″W x 7 1/2″D 
Price: $348 USD
Colour: Orange
Made in: Italy
Material: Saffiano leather
Interior material: Cloth
Purchased: February 2013
Orange Furla Diamante Tote
Pros: I came across this handbag while browsing through a department store earlier this year. Simple, structured and made of super-sturdy Saffiano leather (similar to Prada), I was surprised by the reasonable price (less than $500) and downright SHOCKED when I saw it was made in Italy. 
  Overall, the craftsmanship of the bag is exemplary, the existence of protective feet on the bottom is a nice touch and the bright tangerine hue is a surprisingly versatile shade -- and a definite attention-getter. 

Cons: Though I really can't stress enough how much I think this bag is a great buy for the price, it's not without its faults. The seams of the bag are sewn with a stitch over where the leather overlaps (see pic), whereas most other designer bags would have a hand-rolled leather trim or a seam sewn inside the bag before the lining is attached. 
Also, the handles feel a little flimsy as they are sewn on with a visible 1 1/2-2 inch stitch on each. I'm sure the absence of hardware allowed the manufacturer to cut costs. 
The absence of both a top zipper and/or a snap may also be a major turn-off for people who demand a closure on their bags.
Lastly, the bag is beautifully structured but begins to sag if it is overfilled, which could lead a change in its shape after a while. 

Would recommend? YES
Orange Furla Diamante Tote