Statement necklaces: Eight styles worth a wear

Statement necklaces
Nothing finishes off an outstanding outfit like an eye-catching statement necklace.  
Not sure where to start? Take a look at these eight standout styles to get you on your way.

Gold and rhinestone chain statement necklace
- Chain - 
A traditional or modified chain necklace looks cool and classic when worn with a bare neck or collared blouse.

Gold lariat statement necklace
Lariat -
A long lariat necklace in almost any metal, thickness and design is a sleek and sexy way to draw attention to the front and centre of any outfit. 

Twisted pearl statement necklace
Classic pearl -
There's a reason pearls have withstood the test of time: They look just as chic today as they did when your grandma's grandma wore them. Give them a modern twist by choosing a multi-strand set and wearing them twisted for a layered look.

Gold statement necklace
Geometric -
A geometric necklace lends unexpected interest to an otherwise banal blouse.

Gold and rhinestone statement necklace
  - Bling -
Bring some bling to your day-to-day look with a piece that's structured and subdued. The clean lines of a larger stone keep the sparkle from looking too juvenile.

Gold floral collar
  - Collar -
If you thoughts stray to more 50 Shades of Grey or Lassie when you think of a collar - think again. A delicately designed piece in a strictly business metal such as gold offers a gleam of gorgeousness to a crewneck sweater or collared shirt. 

Colourful statement necklace
 - Colour -
Add a pop of colour to a monochrome outfit with a bold, bright necklace.

Rose gold statement necklace
- New metal -
Break away from the traditional silver and gold with a sensational rose tone. It's brighter than silver, but has a more soft and seductive tone than yellow gold. 

Remember, to make a memorable statement you don't have to spend a fortune. I spent less than $15 on all of these and only $2 for quite a few of them on clearance at Forever 21 and