Wear, oh wear ...

You know when you're walking through a store, big or small, and something just attracts your eye like a tiny piece of metal to a GIANT magnet?

Well, that type of love-at-first-sight attraction happened, magically, between myself and these shorts.

As I was traversing my way through the UK last summer (read: buying as much as one suitcase could possibly hold) I stumbled across these fabulous, Katy Perry-esque shorts at well-known UK shoppers' paradise, Primark.

"Do you want to party?" the shorts screamed.
"Of course I want to party!" I screamed in reply.

Snatching them up, I bypassed the fitting room and took them to the register. Imagine my surprise when these little babes rang in at 4 pounds!
You're going to charge me roughly $8 to feel like 1 million, "Last Friday Night"-ish, dance-until-your-heel-breaks-off bucks? Yes, please!

These shorts look great with a black tube/tank, creating a playsuit kind of vibe for night, or as pictured, with a sleek, Lyocell blazer from H&M and chunky necklace from The Bay for a day off work.

Now, excuse me while I dance.

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Unknown said…
I realized I failed to comment on this post. Which I am surprised about because Primark in London is far superior to all other Primarks. Let's take a shopping trip.