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Since its start in 2011, Covet and Acquire has become a destination for outfit inspiration, beauty reviews and in-depth handbag critiques.

Meet Team Covet and Acquire:

Aleesha Harris Covet and Acquire editor Vancouver fashion blog

About Covet and Acquire Founder 

Aleesha Harris is a Vancouver personal style and beauty blogger who is on a mission to prove that a real girl with a real body and a real budget can be really fabulous.

With an average income (from a media job) and an average-sized body (size 10|L|30), she has set out to showcase fabulous style on a feasible budget. 

Aleesha handles the fashion, styling and content editing on Covet and Acquire — as well as the handbag reviews — for which she considers herself to be a bit of an expert.

Kirsten Harris Covet and Acquire Beauty editor Vancouver fashion blog

About Covet and Acquire Beauty Editor 

A longtime beauty fan, Kirsten was brought on board as the beauty editor of Covet and Acquire shortly after the blog began.

Her concise reviews and insightful input add a depth to the blog's quick-review format.

She also happens to be a talented jewelry designer, photographer and Aleesha's eldest sister.

Contact Covet and Acquire: 

For advertising, brand partnerships, styling tips or any other inquiries, send an e-mail to 
aleeshah [at] live.ca

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The items featured on Covet and Acquire are ones we believe in and support because we like them, not simply because they were free. We promise! 

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